Thursday 5 January 2017

Places to Visit Near in Mumbai Airport

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ChathrapathyShivaji international airport is one of the top rated airports in India. Mumbai Airport becomes the second biggest airport in India on the basis of passenger traffic. Mumbai holds 35th position in the world according to passenger traffic. One of the biggest airport, more than 1850 acres of operational area itself is a clear evidence for its immense popularity. Operating more than 500 services daily, writing down clearly its majority in handling most number of passengers both internationally & domestically. Airport has many offices within including money exchange centres, foreigners or Indian travellers can do foreign currency exchange in mumbai airport.

Places to Visit

·         Bandra Reclamation
·         Worli Sea face
·         Powai lake


Bandra, mostly renowned as a VIP phase of Mumbai. Some of the legendary icons are living in Bandra. Bandra reclamation has been founded in 2009, such a lovely place to spend your beautiful evening. Bandra reclamation easily becomes a favourite place for the public to enjoy the view of sea. The feel of fresh air in your face will produce more energy and enthusiasm for coming days. Family often visits the site, children have their space for playing. Airport is very near to this spot may be 20-25 minutes’ drive, so passengers can try and visit the reclamation while waiting for their next flight.

Worli Sea face

Worli is commonly known as Varli, a famous place in Mumbai city. Worli is part of a group of Islands in Arabian Sea. Haji Ali Dargah is a travel attraction in the Island which is a Mosque build on a rock in Sea.  Worli is a most advanced city in terms of commerce and development, India’s most successful business giants like TATA, HDFC and Siemens have their offices in Worli. Worli-Bandra sea link is a famous spot in Worli, it was built & commissioned in 2009. To reach Worli, often people choose local trains for transportation. Worli has no railway station, so Mahalaxmi is the nearest place with a railway station. Reach Mahalaxmi via a local train and catch a cab for your ride. Bus would be a wrong choice, especially in peak hours it will take hours.


An artificial lake built by British in 1799. This tourist spot is geographically placed in Powai of Mumbai. Lake has been immensely polluted during last 5 years, water is not pure to drink or other forms of use. Some famous Indian educational institutes are located near to Powai Lake. Lake is blessed with variety of water lives like crocodile to ordinary fish. Birds are largely seen near the lake, looking for their meal. The higher authorities had taken many preventive steps to keep the lake clean for the future generation. Authorities are doing a yearly maintenance program to rid of plastics and other forms of waste from PowaiLake.Lake has been located 40 kms away from main city.

These are some of the places near to Mumbai Airport to visit. When waiting for a flight for more than hours this is a best option for passing time. 


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