Monday 8 August 2016

A Visit to Darjeeling Kolkata

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Darjeeling is one of the most famous hill station in India. It is one of the amazing places we should visit at least once in our life. Such a natural beautiful place it is. It is famous for tea industry.
World's largest mountain Kangchenjunga, gives perspective view. The two outstanding attractive part of Darjeeling's economy is tea plantation and tour. It is reported that, only place in India where large number of foreign tourists are coming.

The predominant religion of Darjeeling are Hinduism and Buddhism followed by Christianity. Culture has also diversified with many varieties of festivals. This famous place is situated in West Bengal, When you are visiting Darjeeling from a foreign country then you must do currency conversion in Bengal airport. UAE Exchange India provides the best currency exchange rate in Kolkata, Visit our branch for more detail. Darjeeling is the ideal place to visit why because it truly gives an idea about beauties of nature which is so interesting and one of a kind in all aspects. Rather than giving an educative value, delivers the immense beauty of nature.
The nearby shops, restaurants, promise you a full filled stay there.

When we are visiting Darjeeling, obviously we should visit Tiger hill station also. It has all encompassing perspective view of Mount Everest and Mt.Kangchenjunga together. It’s just 11 km from Darjeeling. Sunrise and Sunset makes a panorama .A great strategical view to get mind so much of relaxed. From Tiger hill, Mount Everest is just visible. When we are seeing sunrise from here we feel like we are very nearer to sun and get touched by that universal truth. This trip won’t cost you much if you are a foreigner, the Best foreign exchange rate in Kolkata is promised from UAE Exchange India. Kolkata is India’s one of the most beautiful cities, so travel agents are waiting for your call for the sake of their business. Today’s exchange rate in Kolkata is available in almost all forex websites.

Tiger hill is considered as the highest peak in sector. Watching this sunrise will be an awesome experience. Cloud and fog around sky may seem to be varying accordingly. Sometimes, they may look like you are above them or sometimes they are above you. Whatever it is, could be a mind blowing awesome feel.

Behind the name Darjeeling

The name Darjeeling came from Tibetan word dorje meaning of the Hindu deity Indra, and ling a place or land don’t miss a chance to visit this wonderful place and don’t wait for a chance to come. Go for a chance to meet.


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