Friday 19 August 2016

Personal Loan Advantages and Disadvantages

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan?, What are the main factors of a personal loan? In terms of Finance,Loan is a scheme of lending cash starting with one individual,organization,or substance then onto next individual ,association or element.It is an obligation gave by a substance to another element at a financing cost,and prove by a promissory worth that determines ,in addition to other things the key measure of money acquired ,the loan fee moneylender is charging and and date of reimbursement.Basically loan is related to the terms like principal amount,rate of interest and duration .People would chose loan with low interest rate at their best comfort level.
In present era, financial companies are turning their eyes delicately in Loan business. So the business has become more and more competitive. Previous situation of the business infrastructure is completely changed, a single company was thriving in the online loan business. Now some traditional players are tuned in. When we talk about the advantages of taking a loan, It is a helping hand for us to 
  • build a house
  • buy a new vehicle
  • education
But loan has its disadvantage too, We have to pay a huge interest for  the money. Whatever amount you took as loan, you will pay double as interest and basic. We don't think twice about the advantage and disadvantages of a personal loan.

Types of Loans
  • Loan
  • Secured Unsecured

Secured Loan

A secured Loan is an advance in which borrower promises some advantages as a guarantee

Unsecured Loan

An unsecured Loan is one that is getting without the utilization of property as guarantee for the credit.and it is additionally called a personal Loan.Borrowers by and large should have high credit scores to be affirmed for a certain unsecured credits

Most of the customers choose personal loan due to advantages of a personal loan. Dealings are very transparent.There are best payment options.Has lowest processing fee.

UAE Exchange India offers personal loan,gold loan and vehicle loan.

-> Priority processing
-> Simple documentation
-> Low interest rate
->No preclosure Charges
->No hidden cost
->Fast processing and disbursal
->No penal charges
->competitive pricing


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